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Pied Flycatcher

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Welcome to Brecknock Birds. This site has been set up to encourage interest in bird watching and ornithology in Brecknockshire.

This is a child friendly site and in common with other bird sightings websites, we appeal to contributors to put the birds first. Particularly for sensitive species, please can we ask that no reference is made to breeding sites or aspects of behaviour that would indicate breeding at a set locality in your postings. If in any doubt, then please contact Andrew King, Brecknock County Bird Recorder, first (email below). In view of this, any postings made that are deemed inappropriate will be removed by the moderators without warning or explanation. Please note that all photographs remain the property of the person posting them. Permission must be obtained from the relevant owner before they may be reproduced or copied. We hope these pages will build on our knowledge of birds rather than provide valuable information to those few people that may wish to target species for their own purposes.

The district of Brecknockshire covers approximately 500 square miles, stretching from Rhayader to Merthyr Tydfil, Ystradgynlais to Hay on Wye. We hope very much you enjoy bird watching here as much as we do and look forward to hearing about your bird sightings. Happy birding!


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Entry added by: Nicholas Beswick on Mon 24th June 19, 10:30pm Sighting location: Crickhowell . Sighting date: 24/06/19
Group of five Swifts

Entry added by: Jon Dixon on Mon 24th June 19, 09:39pm Sighting location: Talyllyn. (SO107275) Sighting date: 24/06/19
Motivated to add my first sightings after reading the reports of swifts. At least 13 swifts screaming around the houses at about 9.30pm, with answering calls from birds on nests under the eaves. Not a bumper crop, but not bad (we've lived here 15 years). Pair of swallows also flying around. No house martins although there are usually a few around and they are nesting on some of the houses (although not in the same numbers as 10 years ago). Last week I watched a lengthy battle over a nest site between a pair of swallows and 4 house martins - every time a swallow landed a house Martin would land on it to dislodge it, and vice versa. Generally we seem to have more swifts than swallows or house martins in Talyllyn. Although I have no data to back it up I've always got the impression that the opposite applies down the road in Llanfihangel Talyllyn, where swallows and house martins are the norm and swifts seem relatively rare.

Entry added by: David Jones Powell on Mon 24th June 19, 05:28pm Sighting location: Fennifach , Brecon. Sighting date: 24/06/19
Spotted flycatcher; second active nest in the garden in an extraordinarily exposed and dangerous place against a white-painted door frame and background with no cover at all.

Entry added by: Gareth Rees on Mon 24th June 19, 04:50pm Sighting location: Usk Reservoir. Sighting date: 24/06/19
Successful Willow Tit breeding along the Usk river above the reservoir, where 2 adults were feeding at least 3 well developed young. Calling birds were also heard near the Usk river inlet where a Common Sandpiper was flushed from the Carms side and a predated bleached wader egg (probably CS) was retrieved from the reservoir nearby. Another passage Redshank was present on the Brecs side. A Garden Warbler had recently fledged young. At Trescastle a Spotted Flycatcher nest with just one egg indicates a late start to their breeding season.