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Entry added by: Nicholas Beswick on Mon 24th June 19, 10:30pm Sighting location: Crickhowell . Sighting date: 24/06/19
Group of five Swifts

Entry added by: Jon Dixon on Mon 24th June 19, 09:39pm Sighting location: Talyllyn. (SO107275) Sighting date: 24/06/19
Motivated to add my first sightings after reading the reports of swifts. At least 13 swifts screaming around the houses at about 9.30pm, with answering calls from birds on nests under the eaves. Not a bumper crop, but not bad (we've lived here 15 years). Pair of swallows also flying around. No house martins although there are usually a few around and they are nesting on some of the houses (although not in the same numbers as 10 years ago). Last week I watched a lengthy battle over a nest site between a pair of swallows and 4 house martins - every time a swallow landed a house Martin would land on it to dislodge it, and vice versa. Generally we seem to have more swifts than swallows or house martins in Talyllyn. Although I have no data to back it up I've always got the impression that the opposite applies down the road in Llanfihangel Talyllyn, where swallows and house martins are the norm and swifts seem relatively rare.

Entry added by: David Jones Powell on Mon 24th June 19, 05:28pm Sighting location: Fennifach , Brecon. Sighting date: 24/06/19
Spotted flycatcher; second active nest in the garden in an extraordinarily exposed and dangerous place against a white-painted door frame and background with no cover at all.

Entry added by: Gareth Rees on Mon 24th June 19, 04:50pm Sighting location: Usk Reservoir. Sighting date: 24/06/19
Successful Willow Tit breeding along the Usk river above the reservoir, where 2 adults were feeding at least 3 well developed young. Calling birds were also heard near the Usk river inlet where a Common Sandpiper was flushed from the Carms side and a predated bleached wader egg (probably CS) was retrieved from the reservoir nearby. Another passage Redshank was present on the Brecs side. A Garden Warbler had recently fledged young. At Trescastle a Spotted Flycatcher nest with just one egg indicates a late start to their breeding season.

Entry added by: Gareth Rees on Mon 24th June 19, 04:38pm Sighting location: West. Sighting date: 24/06/19
Swift counts today were Trecastle 4, Defynnog 10. Sennybridge has at least 8 yesterday evening in light rain (together with c15 House Martin and 2 Sand Martin), although 14 were seen on the 1st June. No screaming activity seen as birds busy feeding

Entry added by: Alan Salter on Mon 24th June 19, 02:14pm Sighting location: Y Byddwn, Groesffordd. Sighting date: 24/06/19
An amazing morning today with 38 species, most on the reserve. They included spot flycatcher, garden and willow warbler, chiffchaff taking food to a nest and scolding me. wren building again. Family parties were of blue, coal and great tit while a marsh tit fed with them but no young seen. Also with young were redstart, dunnock, crow, jackdaw and nuthatch and one of them, an adult I think flew from a branch and caught a fly just like a spot fly, not seen that before.

Entry added by: Andrew King on Mon 24th June 19, 02:03pm Sighting location: Swift tour of Breconshire. Sighting date: 23/06/19
In response to what appears to be very poor numbers of Swifts this year. Warmer conditions now, so checked a few sites over the last couple of days. Perhaps wishful thinking but it would be nice to think these are minima and mates are incubating or brooding chicks. Brecon Barracks = 2, Brecon Christ Coll = 3, Camden Rd = 1, Mount Str/Alexandra Rd = ?, Abergwesyn Old School = 7 and a thrill to watch, Hay (W) = 4, Hay (E) = 1-5, Felindre = 1, Talgarth Stn = 5, Trefecca =1, Pennorth =2. Lower Chapel, Talyllyn, Llangorse all usually have birds but nil seen. Not an exhaustive list, I hope, but a guide.

Entry added by: Mike Warburton on Mon 24th June 19, 12:53pm Sighting location: Lower/Upper Carno Reservoirs. Sighting date: 24/06/19
Two pairs of Common Sandpiper alarming at the lower CarnoReservoir and one pair at the Upper Carno (Llangynidr Pond). Also at the Upper Carno were pairs of Whinchat and Stonechat both with fledged young. A LBB Gull raptor kill on the western edge of the Reservoir also.

Entry added by: Nigel Starnes on Sun 23rd June 19, 06:41pm Sighting location: Tirabad. Sighting date: 21/6/19
One of the best things about living in Tirabad is being able to walk up on to the Eppynt on a summers evening , when the sun is low in the sky & the hills are bathed in a golden light and listen to the multitude of Skylarks trilling in the blue above you .........

Entry added by: Neil Farr on Sun 23rd June 19, 05:48pm Sighting location: The Griffin Inn car-park, Felin Fach, nr. Brecon.. Sighting date: 23/06/19
1 house martin and between 5-6 swifts.