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Entry added by: Andrew Dally on Thu 21st May 20, 03:53pm Sighting location: Beulah. Sighting date: 21/05/20
Garden sightings: Pied Flycatcher singing beside nest box for several days. Male Sparrowhawk perching on wire fence. Nuthatch taking food to nest site. Magpies nesting.

Entry added by: Shelley Evans on Thu 21st May 20, 08:57am Sighting location: Glasbury garden. Sighting date: 21/05/20
18 Red Kite & 4 Buzzard overhead attracted by next door tractor activity - marvellous free air display. First sighting this year of Hedgehog last night foraging 'bird' seed mix.

Entry added by: Mark Waldron on Thu 21st May 20, 12:11am Sighting location: Libanus. Sighting date: 21/05/20
Along the Tarrell path 5 Pied and 2 Spotted Flycatcher territories. 2 Cuckoo's calling from the hills. First Brimstone of the year for me and on a pool a Broad-bodied Chaser, 10 Large Red and a "blue" damselfly with a Beautiful Demoiselle along the river.

Entry added by: Mark Spirito on Mon 18th May 20, 07:36am Sighting location: Bronllys. Sighting date: 17/05/20
A walk into Talgarth revealed the Lesser Whitethroat still singing near the roundabout between Bronllys and Talgarth, showing only briefly, also a diversion to the Afon Lyfni showed that the recent floods have created some steep sided sandbanks and it was nice to watch a small colony of Sand Martins excavating their nests,also here I heard Spotted Flycatcher and Kingfisher, A Hobby is becoming more regular over Bronllys, with 2 in display flight recently.

Entry added by: Andrew King on Sun 17th May 20, 09:42pm Sighting location: Pennorth. Sighting date: 17/05/20
Lapwing latest - since the 2nd May. The failure of all six first clutches of eggs had occurred by late-April as the spring barley fields were sprouting. By 7th May, all six females had laid second clutches of eggs in new nests. By 11th May, two were already predated (crow?), and four still incubating. By today, just two females are still incubating and one (polygynous?) male checking on them both. These two still have 10+ days before hatch so chances not good, although the crop is shielding them better now. All failed birds have left the fields.

Entry added by: Mark Waldron on Sat 16th May 20, 06:53pm Sighting location: Libanus. Sighting date: 16/05/20
I checked the farmland that had given some nice surprises a week ago and was very pleased to see the Whitethroat is still singing, there is 1, possibly 2, Yellow Wagtail singing from a young wheat field and there were still 8 singing Yellowhammer.

Entry added by: J hole on Sat 16th May 20, 05:32pm Sighting location: Llanfilo. Sighting date: 16/05/20
Two Hobbies together over the garden this afternoon first of the year for me.

Entry added by: Liz Hutchins on Fri 15th May 20, 05:16pm Sighting location: Cathedine. (SO150236) Sighting date: 15/05/20
I heard the distinctive curlew call but sadly didn’t see the bird.

Entry added by: Alan Salter on Thu 14th May 20, 09:02pm Sighting location: Beacons Park, Brecon. Sighting date: 14/05/20
Male Sparrowhawk almost collided with me as I cycled home from town this afternoon. It missed me by 2 feet

Entry added by: Andrew King on Thu 14th May 20, 12:55pm Sighting location: Sailing Club Meadow, Llangorse. Sighting date: 13/05/20
'Exercise' last night revealed my first Sp Flycatcher; also pr Yellow Wagtail, 2 Lapwing, 2 Curlew, Little Egret, 80 Swift, 25 H Martin (few Swallow or Sand Martin), 55 Mute Swans, Hobby. Maybe the cold breeze, but fewer Reed Warbler heard than usual for mid-May, and only one snatch of Sedge Warbler song. No Cettis Warblers in their usual territories again - being resident all year, I thought our local birds were 'hard as nails' having survived severe cold in 2009 - 2011 winters and the 'Beast' in 2018, but I read recently they suffer in prolonged periods of flooded reedbed. 5 months or more of flooded reedbed last winter may well be the reason.