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Entry added by: Alan Salter on Fri 8th January 21, 11:24am Sighting location: Y Byddwn, Groesfford. Sighting date: 07/01/20
At the reserve today 1000c corvids (rooks and jackdaws), 10 siskin feeding on Alder, a woodcock fly over and a common gull in a mixed flock with 73 black-headed, 40 lesser-black backed and 1 herring gull.

Entry added by: Andrew King on Thu 7th January 21, 09:45pm Sighting location: Lanes/path Pennorth - Talyllyn. Sighting date: 07/01/21
Walk out today found 50 Stock Dove and 50 Skylark on stubble fields. Following 200 ewes strip-grazing pasture, 5 Buzzards, 6 Red Kites, 30 Starling, 6 M Pipits, 3 P Wagtail. Other pasture held flocks of 60 Fieldfare, 40 Redwings and many Blackbirds spread about. Imm Peregrine few past stirring them up. Bullfinches and Goldcrest in hedges.

Entry added by: Nigel Starnes on Thu 7th January 21, 09:32pm Sighting location: Tirabad - Cynghordy. Sighting date: 7/1/21
Seeing several Woodcock on / by the road from Tirabad to Cynghordy every morning & evening at the moment

Entry added by: Peter Seaman on Thu 7th January 21, 05:26pm Sighting location: Llangasty on the meadows adjacent to the lake. Sighting date: 07/01/21
Barn Owl. It was great to see a Barn Owl on the Llangasty to Ty Mawr meadows, hunting about 3pm today. see image in the gallery.

Entry added by: M&W Evans on Wed 6th January 21, 09:56am Sighting location: Lower Llangynidr. Sighting date: 06/01/21
Garden feeders very busy. Willow Tit taking suet this morning. Tits, Blue 15 Great 10 Coal 2 Marsh 1 LT group of 12 and a group of 7 through. Nuthatch 1, GSWoodpecker male 1. Siskin 8, Greenfinch 3, Chaffinch 8, Blackbird 7, Robin 6 (much fuss and bother) Wren 1. Bullfinch male 1, Dunnock 4. Red Kite 2 overhead.

Entry added by: M&W Evans on Wed 6th January 21, 09:51am Sighting location: River Usk. Sighting date: 05/01/21
An early afternoon walk downstream from Llangynidr Bridge to Worcester Cottage. 3 pairs of Dipper (one singing) single Goosander f and a pair below the falls. Grey Wag 3, Pied Wag 1. Lost count of Wren and Robins.

Entry added by: Alwyn Edwards on Mon 4th January 21, 11:30pm Sighting location: Island fields, Brecon . Sighting date: 04/01/21
Two Bullfinches hopping amongst the tall weeds and willows

Entry added by: Nicholas Beswick on Sun 3rd January 21, 11:06pm Sighting location: Mynydd Llangatwg. Sighting date: 03/01/21
Flock of nine Red Grouse at the east end of the mountain flying from Brecon into Gwent.

Entry added by: Sue Furber on Fri 1st January 21, 08:02pm Sighting location: Crickhowell garden. (SO218191) Sighting date: 01/01/21
Male and female Great Spotted woodpecker, male and female Black Cap feeding on peanut butter cake.

Entry added by: David Whitehead on Fri 1st January 21, 04:43pm Sighting location: Llanfrynach. Sighting date: 02/01/21
Peregrine killed a pigeon in field by house, circled calling and upsetting local rooks. Pulled in Buzzard, redkite and raven to investigate.