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Entry added by: Paul Leafe on Thu 29th May 08, 10:18pm Sighting location: Llangorse Lake. Sighting date: 29-05-2008
2 Common Terns over the lake for most of the day. Other birds of note included 3+ Yellow Wagtails, 4 Little Ringed Plovers, 1 Redshank, 1 Barnacle Goose, 1 Cetti's Warbler and 1 Grasshopper Warbler.

Entry added by: Clive Jones on Thu 29th May 08, 09:26pm Sighting location: Beacons Reservoir. Sighting date: 29/05/08
Great White Egret Beacons Res. north of the island at 10am when the mist lifted briefly.

Entry added by: Andrew King on Wed 28th May 08, 10:50pm Sighting location: Llangorse Lake. Sighting date: 28trh May 2008 18.30
Whiskered Tern still present on buoys at west end tonight. It seems to disappear for spells - the finder yesterday told me that he had seen it settle on lily pads at SW corner of lake which makes it so much harder to see! Also tonight 2 Common Tern, Ringed plover, Redshank, 1 Dunlin still.

Entry added by: Dylan Foster Evans on Wed 28th May 08, 10:45pm Sighting location: Beacons Reservoir (SN9818). Sighting date: 28 May 2008
Great White Egret still on west bank of reservoir at 7.10pm

Entry added by: Mich Maniakowski on Wed 28th May 08, 09:57pm Sighting location: Talybont Reservoir, SO 086177. Sighting date: 28 May, 8am
Serin in flight at the top of Talybont Reservoir moving NE. The bird gave just calls, but clearly enough - I know them well from the Continent. Btw there is a nice area for Redstarts up there.

Entry added by: John Harper on Wed 28th May 08, 05:57pm Sighting location: Llangasty. Sighting date: 28.5.2008
With the low cloud and rain estimated "hirundines" visible from Llangasty to hide: 50 Swallow, 50 Sand Martin, 300 House Martin, 500 Swift.

Entry added by: Mark Waldron on Wed 28th May 08, 01:20pm Sighting location: Llangorse Lake / Beacon Res.. Sighting date: 28.5.08
7 Common Tern, 1GBB Gull, 1 female Gadwall and a Yellow wag. Great White Egret showing on far side of Beacons Res. today.

Entry added by: Charles Allum on Wed 28th May 08, 11:26am Sighting location: BLAEN GWDI SO018242. Sighting date: 27May08
A group of not less than five Stonechats (?family party) on lower slopes of Twyn Cil Rhew falling into Blaen Gwdi. Observation and counting were difficult owing to their "guerilla tactics" repeatedly randomly rising and plunging into cover. In 20 years I have only four records of the species in Blaen Gwdi (including a pair once in 2003) and this group were in what was until recently Whinchat territory.

Entry added by: Charles Allum on Wed 28th May 08, 11:24am Sighting location: Danyfan, Cwmgwdi, SO026262. Sighting date: 27May08
Further to my report of 18May re non- sighting of House Martins and Swifts . For a brief period early afternoon of 27May, a significant number of Martins with some Swifts were active over this patch. counting was not possible as birds were flying fairly fastat lowish level in and out of the visible air space at but a possible 20 were in view at any one time. Early on the following morning (28May) many Martins were visiting old nests for a brief period. Hopefully this bears out the sage optimistic response of our Bird recorder to my anguish, even at a month later than normal.

Entry added by: John Lloyd on Wed 28th May 08, 09:08am Sighting location: SO12. Sighting date: April1st- today
Just an atlas headline: The species count in SO12 (includes Llangorse lake) for the period 1st April to now is 108. And this does not include yesterday's Whiskered Tern. (Someone put it up, please) Of the 108 species, 28 have been proved to be breeding. Obviously this is the best watched 10km square in Brecknock and the situation is a bit more cobweb-encrusted elsewhere but this is an outstanding start. Well done folks and keep up the good work. And keep those proofs of breeding coming in, no one has got proof of Wren or Dunnock nesting in SO12 yet!