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Entry added by: Steve Jones on Tue 25th September 07, 07:45pm Sighting location: Penrhos, Llanwrthwl. SN9762. Sighting date: 25/9/07
Stonechat(2), Siskin (40), Goldfinch (25), Green Woodpecker, Long Tailed Tit (15) with mixed flock including ChiffChaff. Meadow Pipit (20) - seem to be on the move at the moment.

Entry added by: Andrew King on Tue 25th September 07, 07:26pm Sighting location: Mynydd Illtyd. Sighting date: 25th September. 5pm
Female Wheatear on road. Also 1 Red Kite.

Entry added by: Jerry Lewis on Tue 25th September 07, 03:22pm Sighting location: Llangorse Lake. Sighting date: 22 September
lots of groups (c50/100 per group) of Swallows passing SE/S over the lake in the early afternoon (presumably heading from the Wye to the Usk valleys and then on down the Usk Valley - see postings here and on GOS website) Peter Jenkins estimated up to 3000 birds in a 10 min period, but ringing then took precedent over watching - groups still passing to mid afternoon whenever watching resumed

Entry added by: Tony Balshaw on Mon 24th September 07, 06:27pm Sighting location: Gilwern (Gwent). Sighting date: 22.9.07
In response to John's sighting of swallows - I saw about 200 swallows in a five minute period passing over Gilwern towards the river Usk on Saturday.This was at about 4.30pm.The movement was still continuing as I ended my observation.

Entry added by: John Harper on Sun 23rd September 07, 10:51pm Sighting location: Glangrwyney SO240160. Sighting date: 23 September 2007
At Gilwern,Gwent I noticed a hundred or so Swallows migrating down the Usk Valley this morning but thought nothing more of it. On the way back from Llangorse at 1800hrs, I saw hundreds of Swallows flying east between Crickhowell and Glangrwyney so got back pdq onto Gwent soil at the Bridge (since I am a GOS member primarily!). A few hundred were visible and audible but the majority were at 100-300m above ground level and unnoticed except with binocs - some were at the limit of x8 binoc view. 1820hrs: big wheeling flock of 1000 at 200-300m up. 1830hrs: 2000 Swallows mostly above eye sight height on north side of valley, circling occasionally but moving SE. 1840hrs: 1800 replaced the previous lot - same comments. 1845hrs: Swallows streaming SE on south side of valley; half minute counts gave 110, 100, 110, 180 = average of 250/min. Movement tailed off at 1700. Vast majority were Swallows; 10 Sand Martin IDed. Conservative estimate of 20,000 moved in that hour. I've no idea how long the movement was in progress. Except for the few heard and seen near the ground, most people would have been oblivious to the migration above ! Anybody else noticed them apart from Andrew ?

Entry added by: Mark Waldron on Sun 23rd September 07, 02:16pm Sighting location: Mynydd Aberhyscir - 09.15am. Sighting date: 23.9.07
3 Red Kite and a Sparrowhawk. Also 3 Grey Wagtail on a nearby pool.

Entry added by: Paul Leafe on Sat 22nd September 07, 08:12pm Sighting location: Llangorse Lake. Sighting date: 22/09/2007
A Common Tern and 23 Cormorants at the lake today.

Entry added by: Andrew King on Sat 22nd September 07, 06:06pm Sighting location: North of Epynt. Sighting date: 22nd September
At long last got to visit some sites;up to 4 Stonechat on four small commons, and 7 with a Whinchat at Gornoeth. 20 Raven over Cwm Chwefru. Several Red Kite & a Kestrel at both Comin y Garth & Epynt. At Comin Cefn Poeth had 180/hr E of Swallow, and 20 Siskin. On return, 40+ Stock Dove on reseed in Upper Chapel.

Entry added by: Mark Waldron on Fri 21st September 07, 08:08pm Sighting location: Brecfa Pool. Sighting date: 21.9.07 - 12.30pm
11 Snipe, 22 Lapwing, 1 f. Tufted, 3 Coot + 5 juv, 5 Moorhen + 5 juv, 5 Meadow Pipit and a Buzzard. On lane leading up, a huge flock of House Sparrow maybe 80-100+.

Entry added by: Steve Jones on Fri 21st September 07, 07:16pm Sighting location: Penrhos, Llanwrthwl. SN9762. Sighting date: 21/9/07 18.00
Merlin - a male perched on dead tree before heading south.